late nite dudes on Thu 4/26/12

Artist Title Album
gorilla biscuits new direction start today
weirdos solitary confinement weird world
cloak dagger daggers 7"
dustheads tunnel vision tall tales
classics of love dissolve classics of love
assholeparade shroom thrash embers
citizen patrol dead children 7"
jerry's kids lost is this my world
annihilation time feel it 7"
ans cant let this go split lp w/ ramming speed
poison idea cop an attitude kings of punk
ramming speed betrayed split lp w/ ans
cro mags we gotta know age of quarrel
agnostic front victim in pain live
bones brigade no one gets out alive i hate myself when i'm not skateboarding
turbonegro just flesh ass cobra
goverment warning jocks and cops no moderation
red c pressure's on flex your head
kim phuc animal mother cop sucker
adolescents i hate children adolescents
void who are you split
outbreak a.s failure
kill the man who questions you say its your birthday sugar industry
refused everlasting everlasting
artificial peace artificial peace flex your head
drive like jehu rome plows yank crime
secret police you make me sick 7"
gray matter retrospect food for thought
rational animals dark eyes 7"
lighten up life on earth absolutely not
ink and dagger full circle drive this 7 inch stake...
deep sleep let go you're screwed
minor threat 12xu flex your head
cold world we're not the same 7"
dys wolf pack wolf pack
kid dynamite pause s/t
necros sex drive necros
double negative technically disfigured double negative

late nite dudes

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