Idle Noise on Tue 5/1/12

Background: Synthesizers Unlimited: Funky Dromedary
CPSHO: Ketamines: Teenage Rebellion Time

Artist Title Album Label New
Zomes Number 03 Improvisations
Dweller on the Threshold The Drone Dweller on the Threshold
Chrome Cranks Star to Star Ain't No Lies in Blood
Miracle Room These are my friends Miracle Room
Blues Control Iron Pigs Valley Tangents
Ketamines Teenage Rebellion Time Spaced Out Southpaw Records
Carolee Exit Replacer Carolee EP1 12XU
Dope Body Weird Mirror Natural History
Cruddy Burn it Down Negative World 12XU
Disappears Pre Language Pre Language Kranky
Strapping Fieldhands Into the City Alluvium Trinkets
Strapping Fieldhands Whiskers Alluvium Trinkets
The Clean Two Fat Sisters (live at the Rhumba Bar) Anthology (Vol. 1)
Spaceman 3 Revolution Playing with Fire
Yalls Gave Away & Broke 7"
BandName Kking of Surfers 7"
Woods From Oatmeal to Buttermilk Amp for Christ
Acid Mothers Temple WHite Summer Of Love
Mark Stewart Method to the Madness
Mish Fire Inside
Moss Icon Hate in Me Complete Discography
Reptile House Power Soul
Last Cry MOnster in My Head
Bad American No One is Safe 7"
Follow Fashion Monkeys What About Tomorrow
Russian Meat Squats Phantasm
Gallen Drunk Gallen Drunk
Minion TV No Grave But Sea

Idle Noise

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Noisy pop tunes, mellow to firm, according to age, middle-aged or semicurado rich and creamy, some bordering avant garde, with a proliferation of tiny holes, old school punk, intensely nutty with full aroma to sharp, salty, buttery and fruity.
Avant Garde