late nite dudes on Thu 5/10/12

Artist Title Album New
undertones teenage kicks
camper van beethoven take the skinheads bowling
radio birdman aloha steve and danno
the dots i dont wanna dance with you
wire i am the fly
underground railroad to candyland run chicken run
cy barkley and the way outsiders rock together
shattered faith we love america
ween its gonna be a long night
the dickies fan mail
big eyes back from the moon
snuff no reason
the cramps new kind of kick
dri i dont need society
off! wiped out
link wray blue suede shoes
the chantays pipeline
the bel airs mr moto
the blazers bangalore
the pyramids penetration
the lively ones goofy foot
the original surfaris bombora
the crossfires dr jekyll and mr hyde
the primates i aint like you
the 5,6,7,8s i walk like jayne mansfield
the mummies the fly

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