late nite dudes on Thu 5/24/12

Artist Title Album New
rocket from the crypt used scream dracula scream
mission of burma fame and fortune signals calls and marches
the specials man at c&a more specials
the dots i dont wanna dance with you 7"
heavy cream prison shanks super treatment
franklin major taylor 7"
k-holes rats dismania
scratch acid damned for all time just keep eating
dinosaur jr the wagon 7"
the saints private affair eternally yours
the cows walks alone cunning stunts
fear disconnected the record
circle jerks operation group sex
murphy's law america rules back with a bong
king tuff keep on movin king tuff
man or astroman television man experiment zero
scream came without warning still screaming
cupid car club envelope join our club
dead milkmen girl hunt smokin banana peels ep
campo-formio soundcheck spooky fools
slow learners your friends 7"
diarrhea planet raft nasty loose jewels
natural child crack mountain 7"
dynamite arrows hobo clown love song split 7"
cheeky is this normal what the heck
home blitz perpetual night 7"
gordon ganos army russ rock s/t
pink razors geometric park leave alive
superchunk detroit has a skyline here's where the strings come in
dear landlord park benches dream homes
big eyes why cant i hard life

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