Eric Goes To College on Wed 6/13/12

Artist Title Album
The Front Bottoms Mountain The Front Bottoms
Dillinger Four Gainsville CIVILWAR
Against Me! Baby I'm An Anarchist Reinventing Axl Rose
Joyce Manor Five Beer Plan Constant Headache
Cheap Girls Her and Cigarettes Find Me A Drink Home
Bomb The Music Industry! Saddr Weirder Scrambles
Spraynard Spooky Scary Funtitled
Ben Zimet Bulbes Yiddish Folk Songs
Descendents Coffee Mug Everything Sucks
The Holy Mess Goodbye 3713 The Holy Mess
Matt Embree Brown Shingle Berkley Waxwane
Menzingers Times Tables Chamberlain Waits
Weakerthans Aside Left and Leaving

Eric Goes To College

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Eric Goes To College is the perfect combination of punk rock, indie rock, with some surprises inbetween. Like Chex Mix