late nite dudes on Thu 6/14/12

Artist Title Album New
adrenalin od aod vs godzilla wacky hijinx
nomeansno love thang sex mad
doa i hate you war on 45
camper van beethoven jack ruby key lime pie
the jesus lizard nub goat
jerrys kids lost is this my world?
dead boys not anymore young loud and snotty
bad brains i rock for light
articles of faith in this jungle give thanks
mission of burma that's how i escaped my certain fate vs
psychic tv godstar allegory and self
the vibrators london girls pure mania
radio birdman you're gonna miss me radios appear
television marquee moon marquee moon
psychic teens rose psychic teens
cupid car club grape juice plus join the club
jay reatard see saw singles
campo-formio lord of the obstacles crackman
sonic's rendezvous band city slang
pegboy field of darkness strong reaction
zero boys new generation history of
eddy current suppression ring colour television s/t
television personalites look back in anger

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