Tenseless Sensations on Thu 6/21/12

Beginning with pop/rock then a burst of punk and ending with slow indie/folk. Back next week at an unknown time!

Artist Title Album New
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes I Don't Wanna Pray Here
The Specials Ghost Town Specials
Dr. Dog The Old Days Fate
Heavy Cream Prison Shanks Super Treatment
I, A Man Five Four You're boring Us All
Sleepy Sun Stivey Pond Spine Hits
Italian Japanese Two Islands Italian Japanese
Tame Impala Make Up Your Mind Innerspeaker
The Mowgli's Hi Hey There Hello Sound the Drum
Canoe Couple of Kids Things like This
Pomegranates Heaven Heaven
Maps and Atlases Artichokes You and Me and the Mountain EP
Bad Religion Social Suicide The Empire Strikes First
Dead to Me By the Throat Cuban Ballerina
Double Dagger No Allies More
The Boom Boom Box Holiday Until Your Eyes Get Used to the Darkness
OFF! I Got News For You OFF!
Joey Ramone Waiting for That Railroad Ya Know?
The Menzingers Gates On the Impossible Past
Cheap Girls Communication Blues Giant Orange
Johnny Flynn Lost And Found Been Listening
Andrew Bird Desperation Breeds Break it Yourself
Beach House On The Sea Bloom

Tenseless Sensations

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