Lame Ass Dudes on Tue 6/26/12

First show!

Artist Title Album New
Saint Vitus Born to Lose
Poison Idea Alan's on Fire
Fucked Up Triumph of Life
OFF Wiped Out
Drunk Injuns Question Authority
Bl'ast It's in my blood
The Trowels Worst Dudes Ever
Bones Brigade Thrashin' USA
Annihilation Time Bl'ast off
RKL Scab on my Brain
McRad Dead By Dawn
Municipal Waste Wrong Answer
DRI Couch Slouch
DOA The Prisoner
Adrenalin OD AOD vs. Son of Godzilla + Office Buildings
Agent Orange Pipeline
Heavy Cream '79
King Tuff Stranger
Jay Reatard Turning Blue
Jeff the Brotherhood Heavy Krishna
Screaming Females Rotten Apple
Taco Joint Bean Supreme
Reatards Chuck Taylor All Star Blues
Spits Don't Shoot
Bad Doctors Gunpowder (Nicaraguan Feeling)
The Mummies I Should Be Looking For Dangerman
Red Kross White Trash
Bouncing Souls Baptized
Plow United World according to me
Dillinger Four Who Didn't Kill Bambi
88 Fingers Louie 100 Proof
None More Black Whats Inside Bone
Jawbreaker Condition Oakland
Lifetime Young Loud and Scotty
Title Fight 27
Good Riddance Weight of the World

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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