Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me on Mon 7/2/12

Artist Title Album Label New
Jack Furlong Quartet FOr Steve ANd that Happened BRidge and Tunnels
Dj Whitesmith RUMINA Rumina World One
Eddie Say Goodbye New Horizons LP Cult Classic Records
No.9 I hope (canon remix) Usual revolution and nine Liquid-note records
World's End Girlfriend Smile Starry Starry Night Soundtrack Virgin Babylon REcords
Dj Whitesmith Benjamin's Lane Melancholic Jazz WInter World One
Akira Kosemura Xiao ge Er Grasslands Scholenic
Haruka Nakamura Cielo Grace Kitchen Label
Dj Okawari Cup of Coffee Cup Of Coffee Libyus Music
The a la Menthe Ocean's twelve soundtrack

Elephant, Some Bread, You and Me

La Rabia
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Mellow beats, jazzy chillouts, coffee jams