BoerLore on Fri 8/3/12

Welcome to BoerLore folks. If ya follow my other show, Dissociative Identity, you probably already knew that I was unable to do the show because I got locked out. That said, I've got a beauty for you patient folks out in radio land. Of course we've got your "The Funkees", however a new favorite of mine has to be "The Duncan Brothers", which I will be starting the program off with. Clearly there are many more acts that I could speak of however I will let you discover it on your own (after all, you are visiting the playlist page on anyways). So tune in, enjoy, and start your weekend right with BoerLore, part of Dissociative Identity Productions.

- Cliff

Artist Title Album
The Duncan Brothers Dreams
Honny & The Bees Band Sisi Mibon
Claude Rolsin, Le West Indian Combo Colas-la
Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats Jeka Dubu
The Funkees Dancing Time
Sir Jablonsky Juck Juck Pt. 1
Sawaaba Soundz Owuo
Robert Mavounsy Quartet Henri Te Vle Maye
Joy Nwosu & Dan Satch Egwo Umu Agbogho
Rufo Garrido & Su Banda Viejos Tiempos
Lord Cobra Y Los Hnos. Duncan Love Letters
Francisco Fileo
Homero y su Combo, Pacho Galan, La Sonora Curro Oye Negra
The Uhuru Dance Band Yahyia Mu
Tunji Oyelana and The Benders Iwo Ko La Dami


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