late nite dudes on Thu 8/9/12

Artist Title Album New
butthole surfers xray hairway to steven
byrds of paradise rowena 7"
your pest band sorry your pest vinyl
thomas jefferson slave apartments rump government straight to video
kintaro dont ever touch me power love
pissed jeans sam kinison woman your life is worth
future virgins other side 7"
snuff hilda ogden numb nuts
armalite double negativity-ing humungous
j church racked racked
phantom surfers surf rider 7"
teengenerate dont come close to me 7"
toys that kill don't take my clone don't take my clone
carbonas (your love is) inside out 7"
shonen knife mr j pop tune
5,6,7,8s bomb the twist bomb the twist
royal headache psychotic episode s/t
radon my dr says mylanta demo
red kross s&m party 7"
necros sex drive 7"
hickey food stams "split"
fleshies aphids brown flag
obn iiis do my thing 7"
stoned at heart question mark party tracks
sloane peterson telephone 7"
cy barkley and the way outsiders so bad so bad
buzzcocks breakdown spiral scratch
radio birdman death by the gun rock n roll war
campo-formio hoy crackman
los straitjackets space mosquito jet set
classics of love world of the known 7"
the beets what did i do spit in the face of people who dont want to be cool
potential johns past due 7"

late nite dudes

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