everything i own is broken or bent on Mon 8/13/12

not jake for president


**COVERING 2000 - ~2230 for rabia

Artist Title Album New
un fast money blues un
shipping news haunted on foot three/four
Exitmusic the night passage
trailor trash church of the green van manifestation compilation
the (fallen) black deer such heros have lived requiem
young widows in and out of youth in and out of youth and lightness
th' faith healers this time lido
Spacin' untitled live on wkdu
ensamble economique to feel the night as it really is crossing the pass, by torchlight
bee and flower twin stars what's mine is yours
josh t. pearson woman, when i've raised hell you're gonna know it (electric version) last country gentlemen
girls against boys satin down venus luxure no. 1 baby
Ty Segall Band i bought my eyes Slaughterhouse
lumerians corkscrew trepanation lumerians
glifted the ground under and in
5ive nitinol the telestic disfracture
true widow boaz As High As the Highest Heavens and From the Center to the Circumference of the Earth
northern liberties national anthem for birds ghost mind electricity
the astronauts the traveller peter pan hits the suburbs
light bird turning
gate trees a republic of sadness
grabbel and the final cut out of work and on the dole get your feet back on the ground ep
afterlives ever the optimist a ticking clock i could not stop
the city kill leave this place days full of joy
eric's trip sunlight love tara
hrsta hechicero del bosque ghosts will come and kiss our eyes

everything i own is broken or bent

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