Tenseless Sensations on Thu 8/30/12

Japanese rock & roll featured for the first time in USA! +Typical electro/indie...

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Artist Title Album New
Albert Swarm The Sea That Calls All Things Unto Her
A Shadow's Caress galapagoose ep. 2
Zammuto YAY
Flying Lotus Do The Astral Plane Cosmogramma
Florence and the Machine You've Got the Love (The xx remix)
Hot Chip Flutes In Our Heads
Bloc Party Octopus Four
Bag Raiders Snake Charmer (Cassian Remix) Leave Them All Behind 4
坂本龍一 Anger (Rare Force 2 Meg Mix) Moto.Tronic Disc 1
Frying Dutchman Chimpun Kanpun ちんぷんかんぷん
Ken South Rock Umibu Yamabu Ningen
Shonen Knife Osaka Rock City Pop Tune
The Spiders Bam Bam Bam
Bunnys Flying Guitar
Dragon Theme The Stylers
Kousokuya The Dreams of Recollection Ray Night 1991-1992 Live
unknown Fog / Drizzle 초ㅣ고ㅎㅣ트가요 Go! Go! 생음악
Crystal Stilts Sycamore Tree In Love With Oblivion
Zambri Hundred Hearts
Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra Want It Back Theatre Is Evil
Pond Tears of a Clown B-Sides
Prinzhorn Dance School I Want You I Want You EP
Tom Vek Film Your Own Television
Battles White Electric Gloss Drop

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