Music that Keeps You Up at Night on Thu 9/6/12

Artist Title Album Label New
Fall of Efrafa For El Ahrairah To Cry Elil
Cult of Luna Waiting For You Salvation
Seven Nautical Miles Take Me Away Every Ocean Reversed
Elodea Revolve Voyager
Mares of Thrace The Gallwasp The Pilgrimage
High on Fire De Vermis Mysteriis De Vermis Mysteriis
Torche Reverse Inverted Harmonicraft
Mastodon Divinations Crack The Sky
Preacher Dead Men Dead World Dead Men Dead World
Monolith Untitled

Music that Keeps You Up at Night

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Tune in for post-rock, metal, post-metal, and a mix of other genres. Whether it's loud or quiet, this music will keep you up at night... or middle of the day... or whenever the show is on...