Noodle Dudes on Tue 9/25/12

Let's Talk About Gravy

Artist Title Album
Dillinger Four Let Them Eat Thomas Paine Versus God
Iron Chic Climate Is What We Expect, Weather is What We Get Split w/ Pacer
Lifter Puller Secret Santa Cruz Soft Rock
One Man Army I Got Hung Up She's An Alarm
Astpai Biting Dogs Don't Chew Efforts And Means
Bomb The Music Industry All Ages Shows Adults!!!
Pinhead Gunpowder Second Street Split w/ Dillinger Four
Tom Gable Harsh Realms Heart Burns
Propaghandi Rattan Cane Failed States
Saves The Day Driving In The Dark In Reverie
Mission Of Burma Academy Fight Song Signals, Calls And Marches
The Menzingers Good Things On The Impossible Past
One Win Choice Under Quarantine Define/Redefine
The Great Explainer Codine...Bourbon The Way Things Swell
Failed Attemps At Facial Hair Failed Attempts At Facial Hair Girls, Friends And Girlfriends
Spraynard Can I Borrow A Feeling Exton Square
Glocca Morra Professional Confessional Ghoul Intentions
Kite Party Runner Baseball Season
Ma Jolie Era And The Metric System Compared To Giants
The Anniversary The D In Detroit Designing A Nervous Breakdown
Bridge And Tunnel Loss Leaders 7"
Death From Above 1979 Blood On Our Hands You're A Woman, I'm a Machine
None More Black Oh, There's Legwork Loud About Loathing
The Bouncing Souls '87 Hopeless Romantic
Tigers Jaw Wind Two Worlds

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