Out of the Basement on Wed 9/26/12

Artist Title Album New
Title Fight Head in the Ceiling Fan Floral Green
Dinosaur Jr. Watch the Corners I Bet On Sky
Cloud Nothings Fall In Attack on Memory
Joyce Manor Violent Inside Of All Things I Will Soon Grown Tired
Jawbreaker Save Your Generation Dear You
Piebald The Monkey vs the Robot We Are the Only Friends We Have
Dowsing Amateur Cartography All I Could Find Was You
Brave Bird Whittle Down the Days Topshelf Sampler
Prawn Grass and Bones Ships
Joie De Vivre At Least I Tried We're All Better Than This
P.S. Eliot Acid Flashbacks Living In Squalor
The Wild We Shall Overcome Someday The Wild
The Weakerthans A Plea From a Cat Named Virtue Reconstruction Site
Bomb the Music Industry! Everybody that Loves You Vacation
Signals Midwest I Was Lost Latitudes and Longitudes
Bear Vs Shark Rich People Say Yeah Hey Hey Terrorhawk
Braid Milwaukee Sky Rocket Frames and Canvases
Glocca Morra Eat the Fucking Snow Just Married
The Greek Favorites Wax Wings Greek Favorites/Glocca Morra Split
Everyone Everywhere Wild Life Everyone Everywhere II
Hop Along Laments Get Disowned
Kite Party Welcome to Miami Baseball Season
Tigers Jaw Arms Across America Tigers Jaw
Spraynard Intents and Purposes (Three Words) Exton Square
One Win Choice Movements Conveyor
Modern Life Is War By The Sea My Love My Way
Touche Amore ~ Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me
Pianos Become the Teeth Liquid Courage The Lack Long After
Dikembe Librarians Would Kill For This Kind of Quiet Broad Shoulders
Adventures Reach Out to You Adventures
Cherry Cola Champions Ft. Meyers Flyers Cherry Cola Champions
Northwestern Snowbird Can't Get Into It
Annabel Risk/Reward Live From Bad Racket

Monday Night Football

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