Noodle Dudes on Tue 10/23/12

Asking the eternal question: Does Whiskey count as Beer?

Artist Title Album Label New
Ceremony Sick Rohnert Park
Bomb The Music Industry! Hurricane Waves Vacation
The Ergs! Books About Miles Davis Upstairs/Downstairs
Dillinger Four Suckers Intl. Has Gone Public Versus God
Pretty Girls Make Graves Speaker Push The Air Good Health
Nurses RIP The Garbage Man Demo
Choke Up End Of The World 7"
Smoke Or Fire 1968 The Speakeasy
Death From Above 1979 If We Don't Make It, We'll Fake It Heads Up
The Replacements Little Mascara Tim
Restorations A 7"
The Menzingers My Friend Chris I Was Born
Kite Party We Won't Servive Baseball Season
Glocca Morra Professonal Confessional Ghoul Intentions
Algernon Cadwalader Crusin Parrot Flies
Omar Nism I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Mad That You're Mad
Bridge And Tunnel No I'm Not Loss Leader
CEASEFIRE Towers Rise When Empires Fall
Paint It Black 365 Paradise
Shortbread Yellow Lemon Shaped Rock EP
Cheap Girls Parking Lot Find Me A Drink Home
The Hold Steady For Boston Boys And Girls B Sides
Bear Vs. Shark Rick People Say Fuck Yeah Hey Hey Terrorhawk
Propaghandi Duplicate Keys Icaro Failed States

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