Tenseless Sensations on Wed 10/31/12

Halloween Hurricane Special

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Artist Title Album New
Uladat Purgatory
Xiu Xiu Quagga
The Presets Ghosts (Senor Coconut Remix)
<radioaddict> Every Memory You Ever Had (feat. Ohbree, Parallel Ghost, Michael Aherne) <tellthemnottochange>
Pretty Lights So Bright So Bright
Sano En Negro Chupa!
Young Dreams Fog of War (Baio) Fog of War
Las Cafeteras La Bamba Rebelde It's Time
Dusminguet Como Si Nada Go
Muchachito Bombo Inferno Me Tienes Frito Vamos Que Nos Vamos
Sergent Garcia El Baile del Diablo Una y Otra Vez
Los Tradicionales de Carlos Puebla Dilema
Los Inimitables; Ramon Cordero, Augusto Santos Negra ¿porque me dejaste?
Lorenzo Jovanotti Cherubini Una Storia D'amore Italia
Jake Shimabukuro Island Fever Blues Grand Ukulele
Thomas Mapfumo Hanzvadzi
Chicago Afrobeat Project Jekajo
Navicula Orangutan
The Extraordinaires The Monster and the Count Short Stories
Dr. Dog Oh No Easy Beat
Grizzly Bear Adelma Shields
Chuck Ragan For Broken Ears Reast or Famine
Kaki King No True Masterpiece Will Ever be Complete
Tame Impala Why Won't They Talk to Me Lonerism

Tenseless Sensations

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