The Music of Sound on Tue 11/6/12


Artist Title Album New
Seapony Tell Me So Falling
Another Sunny Day Anorak City London Weekend
Shellshag Bridge Destroy Me, I'm Yours
Peach Kelli Pop Panchito Blues
Go Sailor I'm Still Crying Go Sailor EP
I'm From Barcelona Oversleeping Let Me Introduce My Friends
Beat Happening Bury The Hammer You Turn Me On
Los Campesinos! We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed
Big Surr Blessing Baked + Bruised 7"
Dreamdate Why Don't You Make Me? Come Over Now
Sweater Girls Do The Sweater
Talulah Gosh The Girl With Strawberry Hair
Miss Chain & the Broken Hearts Roller Coaster On A Bittersweet Ride
Soda Fountain Rag Are Philosophers Lonely
joanna gruesome sweater
Shop Assistants Safety Net
The Field Mice You're Kidding Aren't You
Tilly and the Wall Static Expressions Heavy Mood
The Growlers Sea Lion Goth Blues Hot Tropics
Weed Hounds Skating Away From The Cops Beach Bummed 7"
Dean & Britta Friday I'm In Love Just Like Heaven - a tribute to The Cure
Sourpatch Crushin'
The Fresh & Onlys Long Slow Dance Long Slow Dance
Crystal Stilts Shake The Shackles Shake The Shackles 7"
Imperial Teen Water Boy Jawbreaker
Metz Knife In The Water Metz
Toys That Kill I'm Foaming! Fambly 42
Good Luck Man On Fire Into Lake Griffy
Nu Sensae Swim Sundowning
Ty Seagull They Told Me To Twins
The Mummies (You Must Fight To Live) On The Planet Of The Apes
The Ergs! Saturday Night Crap-O-Rama DorkRockCorkRod
Caves Homeward Bound Homeward Bound
Can Of Beans Favorite Blocks
Audacity Subway Girl mellow Cruisers

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There're jokes, there's music, there's even ticket giveaways. Everything from the noodly to the electronic. But if you're especially fond of the glockenspiel then this my friend is the show for you. A mix of old and new, happy, blue, southern, northern, eastern, western, oh, and local.