Noodle Dudes on Tue 11/6/12

Matt Rombley

Artist Title Album Label New
Paint It Black Election Day Paradise
Bridge And Tunnel The Staples Indoor Voices
NoFX The Irrationality Of Rationality The War On Errorism
Dead To Me Little Brother Little Brother
Luther Rattlesnake Let's Get You Somewhere Else
Fellow Project Pillars Stable Life
The Arteries No Place Like Home Dead Sea
The Sidekicks Grace Awkward Breeds
Belle And Sebastian Seeing Other People If You're Feeling Sinister
Bomb The Music Industry Struggler Adults!!!
Really High Pretentious Apples Dads
Nona Candy Bar Overloard Nona/People Watching Split
Glocca Morra Gun Control An Obsure Moon Lighting An Obsure World
The Drug War Filling Voids Daym
The Great Explainer Quotas The Way Things Swell
Everyone Everywhere I Feel Exhausted Everyone Everywhere
Kite Party Oh Geez Wish Mountain
Hop Along Sally II Get Disowned
Johnny Foreigner Killing In The Name Names
Dillinger Four Suckers Intl Has Gone Public Live?
Despise Everything At Arms Length Split w/ Insane
Cheap Girls Kind Of On Purpose Find A Drink Home
The Lawrence Arms 100 Resolutions Cocktails
Propaghandi Today's Empries, Tomorrow's Ashes Today's Empries Tomorrow's Ashes

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