Noodle Dudes on Tue 11/27/12

Call in next week to discuss the Eagles offensive line problems, and how I blow.

Artist Title Album Label New
The Bouncing Souls That Song How I Spent My Summer Vacation
Kudrow Commultilation! Lando
Bomb The Music Industry! 493 Ruth Get Warner
Bridge And Tunnel Synchronized Swimming Rebuilding Year
The Anniversary All Things Ordinary Desiging A Nervous Breakdown
The Sidekicks 1940s Fighter Jet Awkward Breeds
The Replacement Can't Hardly Wait Pleased To Meet Me
The Front Bottoms Mountain The Front Bottoms
Dillinger Four Clown Cars On Cinder Blocks CIVILWAR
Rob, Latey For What It's Worth Haunts
Restorations B A/B
Secret Plot To Destory The Universe Tips For Staying Sweet I Only Miss You When I Want To
Kite Party Jaws Of Life Everyone Everywhere
Timeshares Woke Up In Grappler School Baseball Season
Luther Heavey Money Bearable
Everyone Everywhere Tun Go Turn Let's Get You Somewhere Else
Really High Liberties Dads
Greek Favorites My Garage, My Rules Forget Shit

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