Out of the Basement on Wed 12/5/12

Artist Title Album New
Sonic Youth I'm Insane Live at Smart Bar - Chicago 1985
Metz Get Off Metz
Titus Adronicus Ecce Homo Local Business
Bridge and Tunnel Drill Instructor Rebuilding Year
CSTVT Cities and Memory The Echo & the Light
Dikembe Apology Not Fucking Accepted Broad Shoulders
Good Luck Stars Were Exploding Into Lake Griffy
Harvey Danger Private Helicopter Ride Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone
Timeshares Damn Near By Beer Bearable
Timeshares Too Many ELO Days Bearable
Timeshares Chinese Coffee Torture Bearable
Title Fight Leaf Floral Green
Shook Ones For Flannel The Unquotable AMH
Hostage Calm Don't Die On Me No Please Remain Calm
Lemuria Pleaser Pebble
Jawbreaker Jet Black Dear You
Joyce Manor Violent Inside Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
The Menzingers Tasker-Morris Station Chamberlain Waits
Tigers Jaw I Saw Water Tigers Jaw
Kite Party We Won't Survive Baseball Season
Hop Along Kids on the Boardwalk Get Disowned
Restorations West River Self Titled
Ma Jolie No, Pennsylvania is the Reason Compared to Giants
The Greek Favorites Pay It Forward The Greek Favourites
Bleeding Fractals Porches The Dim Orange Light
Glocca Morra Kaspar Hauser Lied An Obscure Moon Lighting an Obscure World
Annabel Theme From Home Youth in Youth
Annabel Home Youth in Youth
Brave Bird Scared Enough Ready or Not
Grown Ups Three Day Weekend More Songs

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