Eric Goes To College on Thu 12/6/12

Favorite Records Of The Year! (No Order)

Artist Title Album
Spook Houses Try Part 1/2 Trying
Spook Houses Witching Hour Trying
Swearin' Kenosha Swearin'
Swearin' Empty Head Swearin'
The Sidekicks 1940's Fighter Jet Awkward Breeds
The Sidekicks Diamond Eyes Awkward Breeds
The Menzingers Good Things On The Impossible Past
The Menzingers Burn After Writing On The Impossible Past
Glocca Morra Ya'll Boots Hats? Just Married
Glocca Morra Irrevocable, Mothertrucker Just Married
Modern Baseball Cooke Sports
Modern Baseball See Ya, Sucker Sports
Meridian Love and a Sense Of Belonging Aging Truths
Meridian Prosthetic Hand Aging Truths
The Gaslight Anthem Howl Handwritten
The Gaslight Anthem 45 Handwritten
Cheap Girls Cored To Empty Giant Orange
Cheap Girls Gone All Summer Giant Orange
Everyone Everywhere I Feel Exhausted Everyone Everywhere
Everyone Everywhere Turn And Go and Turn Everyone Everywhere
Jawbreaker Sluttering Dear You
Descendents Wendy Enjoy!
Discovery I Want You Back LP
Kite Party Paws Of Life Baseball Season
Luther The Concrete Sound Let's Get You Somewhere Else
Luther A Calm Let's Get You Somewhere Else
The Rural Alberta Advantage Don't Haunt This Place Hometowns
Tsunami Rising Cutting Your Wrist With A Competitive Edge -
Operation Ivy Take Warning Energy

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