The Music of Sound on Tue 12/11/12


Artist Title Album New
Metz Get Off Metz
Superdrag Sucked Out Regretfully Yours
Superdrag Slot Machine Regretfully Yours
Archers of Loaf Nostalgia Vee Vee
Archers Of Loaf You And Me Icky Mettle
Hunters Brat Mouth Hands On Fire
Hunters Acid Head Hands On Fire
Night Manager Cosmonaut 7"
Night Manager Air Jordan 7"
Tame Impala Expectation InnerSpeaker
Tame Impala Be Above It Lonerism
Guided By Voices King Arthur The Red The Bears For Lunch
Guided By Voices Game of Pricks Alien Lanes
Cy Barkley Lost But Found Cy Barkley 7"
Cy Barkley Blackout Cy Barkley 7"
Toy Love Unscrewed Up Live at the Gluepot 1980
Toy Love Amputee Song Live at the Gluepot 1980
It's A King Thing Old Hobbies Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.
It's A King Thing Girlajuana It's A King Thing
Nada Surf Telescope Karmic - EP
Nada Surf Pressure Free Karmic - EP
Johnny Tillotson A Very Good Year For Girls You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
Buddy Holly Brown-Eyed Handsome Man For The First Time Anywhere
Johnny Tillotson Venus You Can Never Stop Me Loving You
Buddy Holly Changing All Those Changes For The First Time Anywhere
Jackson C. Frank Blues Run The Game Jackson C. Frank
Jackson C. Frank You Never Wanted Me Jackson C. Frank
Peter Paul and Mary Very Last Day In The Wind
Peter Paul and Mary Hush A Bye In The Wind
Fred McDowell Shake 'Em On Down The Alan Lomax Recordings
Big Billy Broonzy Diggin' My Potatoes The Best Of The Blues
Fred McDowell Wished I Was In Heaven Sitting Down The Alan Lomax Recordings
Champion Jack Dupree Christina, Christina Blues The Best Of The Blues
Seapony No One Will Falling
Seapony Fall Apart Falling
Dum Dum Girls Mine Tonight End Of Daze
Dum Dum Girls Coming Down Only In Dreams

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