Traffic Jamz on Tue 1/8/13


Artist Title Album Label
Joie De Vivre This Ship Has Sailed Summer Months
Fleet Foxes Mykonos Fleet Foxes
Wilco When You Wake Up Feeling Old Summerteeth
Minus The Bear Knights Planet of Ice
Broken Social Scene 7/4 (Shoreline) Broken Social Scene
Real Estate It's Real It's Real
Kurt Vile Jesus Fever Smoke Ring For My Halo
Tennis Origins Young and Old
Grizzly Bear A Simple Answer Shields REQUEST
Warpaint Undertow The Fool
Yuck Get Away Yuck
Dirty Projectors Dance For You Swing Lo Magellan
Tune-yards Sunlight Bird Brains
The Shaggs Philosophy Of The World REQUEST
Neon Indian Arcade Blues Era Extrana REQUEST
Up Up Down Down Left Right Left Right B A Start You Landed So Gracefully And Nothing Is #1
Maps and Atlases The Ongoing Horrible Trees, Swallows, Houses
The Antlers French Exit Burst Apart
Cults Abducted Abducted
Paul Baribeau Strawberry Paul Baribeau REQUEST
Camera Obscura French Navy My Maudlin Career
David Byrne and St. Vincent Who Love This Giant
John Frusciante Dissolve DC EP
Rainer Maria Tin Foil Past Worn Searching
Lemuria Lipstick Get Better
Cheap Girls Gone All Summer Giant Orange
Joyce Manor Beach Community Joyce Manor
The Menzingers Tasker-Morris Station Chamberlain Waits

Traffic Jamz

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Stuck in traffic? Jamie brings you news, weather, and excellent drive-time tunes.
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