Knight-Majik on Sun 1/13/13

Today, during the last hour I paid tribute to Lou Wilson of Mandrill who past away Monday, January 7, 2013 of a heart attack. This set featured the music of Mandrill. I'm pretty sure . Perry McCotter Jr. will continue the tribute

Artist Title Album Label New
Deyampert Release Shapes & Colors
Esperanza Spalding Ponta De Areia Esperanza
Barry Sames Jazz Ensemble A Love Supreme Awaiting the Spirit
Five Seasons Feel Alive Feel Alive
Quagero Imazawa f/Akiro Jimbo A Night In Tunisia Bass Days
Roland Haynes Aicelis [Break 1] 2nd Wave (Black Jazz Records)
[re:jazz] At First Glance Kaleidoscope
VenueConnection Do Your Thang Fire It Up!
Kinny Afro Love Forest Shapes 10:02
Nick Van Gelder Afro Infusion Groovitas
Maysa Simpatico Metamorphosis
Printempo Hand In The Cloud (Part Two) [Break 2] Printempo
Mandrill Mandrill Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Lord Of The Golden Baboon Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Love Song Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Khidja Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Moraccan Nights Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Aqua-Magic Beast From The East
Mandrill Children Of The Sun Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Synthia Song + Peaceful Atmosphere [Break 3] Beast From The East
Mandrill Silk Solid
Mandrill Symphonic Revolution Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Wind On Horseback Solid
Mandrill Fencewalk Fencewalk The Anthology
Mandrill Hang Loose Composite Truth
Mandrill Tee Vee Solid


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Knight-Majik, a blend of jazz, acid-jazz, Fusion, funk and soulful house. Music for those with a discerning ear, and are ready for something different with Al Knight and Perry McCotter Jr.