Music School Dropout on Sun 1/20/13

Artist Title Album Label
Pierre-Laurent Aimard Ligeti: Musica ricercata: Nrs. 1 and 2 Ligeti: Etudes and Musica Ricercata Sony Classical
Pierre Boulez and Chicago Symphony Orchestra Varèse: Amériques Varèse: Amériques; Arcana; Déserts; Ionisation Deutsche Grammophone
Reiko Uchida and Jennifer Koh Higdon: String Poetic Violin Recital Cedille
Anu Komsi and Piia Komsi Saariaho: From the Grammar of Dreams Saariaho: From the Grammar of Dreams/Prelude-confession-postlude/Adjo Ondine
Nexus; Carl St. Clair and The Pacific Symphony Orchestra Takemitsu: From me flows what you call Time Takemitsu: From me flows what you call Time; Twill by Twilight; Requiem Sony Classical

Music School Dropout

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Have you ever tried taking a cultured/literary potential significant other to an orchestra concert, but don't know where to begin? Well, look no further friend, with these ten easy steps, you, too, can be cultured. Step 1.) Listen to Music School Dropout with Professor "I" Step 2.) Repeat for ten weeks.