Rock Bottom on Thu 2/21/13

Theme today!!!!! Each song is the last track off an album. Fancy.

Artist Title Album New
Ducktails Academy Avenue The Flower Lane
Adam Green & Binki Shapiro The Nighttime Stopped Bleeding S/T
Warm Soda Lola Someone For You
Norwegian Arms Pu-Erh Wolf Like A Stray Dog
Good Old War Present for the End of the World Come Back As Rain
Wild Nothing Rheya Nocturne
Pagiins Maria Bad Things Don't
No Age Chem Trails Everything in Between
Young Buffalo The Prize S/T EP
Rilo Kiley Spectacular Views The Execution of all Things
Sallie Ford & the Sound Outside Roll Around Untamed Beast
Halo Benders Foggy Bottom The Rebel's Not In
Animal Collective Brother Sport Merriweather Post Pavilion

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