Eric Goes To College on Mon 3/11/13

Artist Title Album New
Fugazi Repeater Repeater + 3 Songs
Classics Of Love World Of The Known Classics Of Love
Joyce Manor See How Tame I Can Be Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired
Elliot Smith Waltz #2 XO
Love You Moon Brown Shingle Berkeley Waxwane
The Menzingers Male Call Chamberlain Waits
Frosted Flaykes Waste Your Time 7inch
Steel Pole Bathtub Alice/I Want It Now Tragedy Ecstasy Doom and So On
Modest Mouse/764-Hero Whenever You See Fit Whenever You See Fit
Swearin' Empty Head Sweain'
Treepeople Web In Front Split w/ Archers Of Loaf
Mimicking Birds Rivers, Veins, & Roots Mimicking Birds
Signals Midwest In Tensions Latitudes and Longitudes
Signals Midwest Monarchs Latitudes and Longitudes
Gregory Alan Isacov Virginia May This Empty Northern Hemisphere
This Town Needs Guns Cat Fantastic
Basement Whole Colourmeinkindness
None More Black Loud About Loathing Loud About Loathing
The Dodos Undeclared Visiter

Eric Goes To College

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Eric Goes To College is the perfect combination of punk rock, indie rock, with some surprises inbetween. Like Chex Mix