Noodle Dudes on Tue 4/2/13

Crazy Ol' Gamblin's Used Wine Emporium

Artist Title Album Label New
The Anniversary The D In Detriot Designing A Nervious Breakdown
The Front Bottoms Mountain The Front Bottoms
Hop Along Sally II Get Disowned
The Replacements Left Of The Dial Tim
John Crodian The End Of Rock Piano The Edge Of Hell
Kite Party Welcome To Miami Baseball Season
Paint It Black Little Fists Invisible
Propaghandi Fedalleah's Hearse Potemkin City Limits
Joyce Manor Derailed Joyce Manor
Lifter Puller 4Dix Soft Rock
Spraynard Whole Live Set Live At WKDU
Luther The Second Star Let's Get You Somewhere Else
The Sidekicks Looker Awkward Breeds
Omar Day 8 (Trampoline Only) I'm Not Mad, I'm Just Mad That Your Mad
None More Black Oh, There's Legwork Loud About Loathing
Everyone Everywhere Queen Mary 2 Everyone Everywhere 2
Dillinger Four New Punk Fasions For The Spring Formal Situationist Comedy
Cheap Girls Pure Hate Split w/ Lemuria
Bridge And Tunnel Room To Let Indoor Voices

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