Eric Goes To College on Wed 4/24/13

It's a beautiful day. Punk.

Artist Title Album New
At The Drive-In Arcarsenal Relationship of Command
At The Drive-In Pattern AgainstUSer Relationship of Command
Refused New Noise The Shape Of Punk To Come
Built To Spill Virginia Reel Around The Fountain - Live Live
Fugazi Repeater Repeater
Rx Bandits Infection Progress
Restorations Let's Blow Up The Sun LP2
The Replacements Can't Hardly Wait Don't You Know Who I Think I Was
Chuck Ragan For Broken Ears Plea For Peace
Streetlight Manifesto The Three of us The Hands That Thieves
Operation Ivy Healthy Body Energy
Black Flag Nervous Breakdown Nervous Breakdown
Descendents Bikeage Milo Goes To College
Descendents When I Get Old Everything Sucks
Laura Stevenson Renee Wheel
Young Statues Eraser Age Isn't Ours
Futurebirds Virginia Slims Baba Yaga
Tera Melos Weird Circles X'ed Out
Tera Melos New Chlorine X'ed Out
Swearin' 1 Swearin'
Swearin' Here To Hear Swearin'
Dillinger Four Gainesville C I V I L W A R
Titus Andronicus Titus Andronicus The Airing of Grievances
Elvis Costello Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shows Best Of
The Weakerthans The Reasons Reconstruction Site
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Oregon Girl Broom
Modern Baseball Tears Over Beers Sports
Silversun Pickups Kissing Families Pikul EP
River City Extension Our New Intelligence The Unmistakeable Man

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