Local Hour on Wed 4/24/13

It's Official. This is the indisputable Local Hour #4. If you are in a local band, I'll play you on the radio.

Artist Title Album New
SHMNS Secret Shores
Ghost Light Tides
Kurt Vile KV Crimes
Slow Animal Sanity
Swearin' Movie Star
Roof Doctor Dishwasher With a Dishwasher
OhBree Swallow Down Pt. 1
Triceratopolis (I Will Never be a) Cool Skater
NarK Convince You
No Stranger Allergies, Man
Ted Nguyent Forever Growing Greasier
Mischief Brew The Reinvention of the Printing Press
Hopscotch Injury Smooth Lesbian
Double King Four White Horsemen
Cheers Elephant Like Wind Blows Fire

Local Hour

This program is not on the schedule.
Wednesday 5-6pm
Bands you've seen more than heard, and met more than seen.