Eric Goes To College on Wed 5/1/13

Artist Title Album New
Restorations D LP2
Hot Water Music - Live In Chicago 7inch
Built To Spill Liar You In Reverse
Hop Along Some Grace Get Disowned
Hop Along Tibetan Pop Stars Get Disowned
Tera Melos So Occult Patagonian Rats
Tera Melos Kelly Patagonian Rats
Tera Melos The Skin Surf Patagonian Rats
Phoenix Entertainment Bankrupt!
Joy Division Love Will Tear Us Apart Les Bains Douches
Pinhead Gunpowder Cabot Girl Shoot The Moon
Pinhead Gunpowder My Boot In Your Face Is What Keeps You Alive Shoot The Moon
The Arrivals Simple Pleasures In America Volotaile Molotov
Dillinger Four Maximum Piss and Vinegar Versus God
The Dodos Walking Visiter
The Dodos Red and Purple Visiter
Cheap Girls Sunnyside My Roaring 20's
Atoms For Peace Before Your Very Eyes AMOK
Refused New Noise The Shape Of Punk To Come
At The Drive In Pattern Against User Relationship of Command
Glassjaw You Think Your John F****** Lennon Our Color Green
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin Yr Broom Broom
Jawbreaker Bad Scene, Everyone's Fault Dear You
Jawbreaker Sluttering Dear You
Jawbreaker Basillica Dear You
Jawbreaker Unlisted Track Dear You

Eric Goes To College

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Eric Goes To College is the perfect combination of punk rock, indie rock, with some surprises inbetween. Like Chex Mix