The Music of Sound on Tue 5/21/13


Artist Title Album New
Fabian I Can't Believe You're In Love With Me Good Old Summertime
The Three Degrees You're The One Maybe
the eeries wait on you home alone
Another Sunny Day Anorak City London Weekend
Black Tambourine Throw Aggi Off The Bridge Black Tambourine
The Breeders Divine Hammer Last Splash
Archers Of Loaf Scenic Pastures All The Nations
The Thermals Born To Kill Desperate Ground
Big Soda I Know You Paper Route
The Exploding Hearts I'm A Pretender Shattered
Golden Grrrls New Pop Golden Girls
Kate Nash Death Proof Death Proof
Kate Nash Fri-End? Death Proof
Saturday Looks Good To Me Are You Kissing Anyone? One Kiss Ends It All
Wild Nothing Ocean Repeating (Big-Eyed Girl) Empty Stage
The Halo Benders Don't Touch My Bikini God Don't Make No Junk
California-X Spider X California-X
Screaming Females Rotten Apple Ugly
Swearin' Kenosha Swearin'
Those Darlins Fatty Needs A Fix Screws Get Loose
OFF! Rat Trap First Four EPs
Eddy Current Suppression Ring She's Dancing Away So Many Things
Deaf Aids Aren't People Strange Deaf Aids 7"
The Cretins Samen im darn Samen im darn 7"
The Exploding Hearts Sleeping Aides and Razor Blades Guitar Romantic
Mikal Cronin Am I Wrong MCII
Lydia Lunch Love Split With Blood Retrovirus
Rilo Kiley All The Drugs Rkives
In School Apochryphal Scum Demo
Melvins Matt-Alec Live in studio 1984
3Jane Figure It Out Demo
L7 One More Thing Bricks Are Heavy
Built To Spill Else Keep It Like A Secret
Yo La Tengo Paul Is Dead Electr-O-Pura
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah Is This Love? Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

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There're jokes, there's music, there's even ticket giveaways. Everything from the noodly to the electronic. But if you're especially fond of the glockenspiel then this my friend is the show for you. A mix of old and new, happy, blue, southern, northern, eastern, western, oh, and local.