Rock Bottom on Tue 6/11/13


Artist Title Album Label New
Dirty Projectors + Bjork On And Ever Onward Mount Wittenberg Orca
Dirty Projectors + Bjork When the World Comes to an end Mount WIttenberg Orca
Dirty Projectors + Bjork Beautiful Mother Mount WIttenberg Orca
Dirty Projectors + Bjork Sharing Orb Mount WIttenberg Orca
Dirty Projectors + Bjork All We Are Mount WIttenberg Orca
Hop Along Sister Cities Sister Cities - Single
Laura Marling Take the Night Off Once I Was An Eagle
Wild Nothing Ride Empty Estate
Grandchildren Rain Down Golden Age
Surfer Blood Pins and Needles Python
Panda Bear Last Night at the Jetty Tomboy
J Mascis Not Enough Several Shades of Why
Allison Weiss Say What You Mean Say What You Mean
SHMNS Alexandria Somewhere Between Here and There LOCAL!

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