Lame Ass Dudes on Tue 6/25/13

Artist Title Album Label New
Culo Gestapo with Mutant Boots + Societies Pressure My Life Sucks And I care Less Deranged Records
Abrasive Wheels Vicious Circle Vicious Circle Clay Records
The Partisans Killing Machine Police Story 7' Ugly Pop Records
Husker Du Makes Sense At All Makes Sense At All SST Records
The Replacements Another Girl, Another Planet Live Promo Sire Records
Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets Posh Hits 1 Posh Boy Records
Agent Orange Everything Turns Grey " "
Social Distortion Moral Threat " "
Dickies Give It Back The Incredible Shrinking Dickies A and M Records
Bad Doctors Twilight of the Idols 7' Eaglebauer Enterprises
DI Hang Ten in East Berlin
Oblivians I'll Be Gone Desperation In the Red Records
Hoax Down Hoax Adagio Records
Impact Non Puoi Giudicare + Morte Chimica Solo Odio Radiation Reissues
Inferno Wodka Tod and Wahnsinn None
CH 3 I Got a Gun Punk and Disorderly Cherry Red
Mudhoney Final Course Vanishing Point Sub Pop
Iron Lung A Victory for Polio Sub Pop 1000 "
Damnation AD No More Dreams Misrecordia Jade Tree
Paint it Black Greetings, Fellow Insomniacs Invisible "
76% Uncertain Coffee Achievers Estimated Monkey Time Shegma Records
Turning Point Broken + Before the Dawn 1988-1991 Jade Tree
Leeway On the Outside Born to Expire Profile Records
Blacklisted Houdini's Blues So You Are A Magician Six Feet Under
The Men Electric 7 Sacred Bones
Zwaanendael Blood on the Stairs 12 DE Josh put this out himself
Kid Congo and the Pink MonkeyBirds Lurch Haunted Head In the Red
Old Skull Homeless Get Outta School Restless

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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