The Music of Sound on Wed 6/26/13


Artist Title Album New
Le Tigre Punker Plus This Island
Bonaparte Do You Want To Party Too Much
Darwin Deez Up In The Clouds Darwin Deez
Big Fresh Forever Joy Bomb #2 Big Fresh Forever
Thao With The Get Down Stay Down Bag Of Hammers We Brave Bee Stings And All
Telekinesis! Laissez-faire Dormarion
The Pastels Check My Heart Slow Summits
Big Dipper San Quentin, CA Supercluster: The Big Dipper Anthology
C.O.G. Know Nothing Viva
Doxie Sarah Starts This One Doxie
The Thermals When We Were Alive Now We Can See
Henry's Dress Definitely Nothing Henry's Dress 10"
Bikini Kill I Hate Danger The Singles
Heavy Cream Tina Danny
Colleen Green You're So Cool Sock It To Me
Bleached Waiting By The Telephone Ride Your Heart
Shannon & The Clams Ozma Dreams In The Rat House
The Hopefuls One Sweet Kiss Felines of Northern Soul
Lulu What's Easy For Two Is Hard For One What's Easy For Two Is Hard For One 7"
Dry Feet I Can't Believe I Ate The Whole Thing Philadelphia Beach
Tweens Hardcore Boy Tweens
Ex-Cult Young Trash Ex-Cult
Riverdales Judy Go Home Riverdales
The Men Electric Electric B/W Water Babies
You Say Party! We Say Die! Jazz Crabs Hit The Floor
Ponytail Tush Do Whatever You Want All The Time
Tera Melos Weird Circles x'ed out
NĂ¼ Sensae Whispering Rule Sundowning
Purling Hiss Lolita Water on Mars
No Joy Slug Night Wait To Pleasure
Diarrhea Planet Separations I'm Rich Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

The Music of Sound

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There're jokes, there's music, there's even ticket giveaways. Everything from the noodly to the electronic. But if you're especially fond of the glockenspiel then this my friend is the show for you. A mix of old and new, happy, blue, southern, northern, eastern, western, oh, and local.