Lame Ass Dudes on Tue 7/2/13

Artist Title Album New
Gorilla Biscuits New Direction Start Today
Descendents Descendents Livage
Adolescents Kids of the Black Hole Blue Album
Siege Grim Reaper Drop Dead
Confuse Hate (Is It War?) Nuclear Addicts
Subhumans Animal Demolition War EP
Kid Congo Powers Lurch Haunted Head
Cramps She Said Bad Music for Bad People
The Men Electric 7
Bad Doctors Twilight of the Idols 7
Ink and Dagger Full Circle 7
Screamers 122 Hours of Fear
Lost Sounds I get Nervous 7
Sin 34 After You
Cro-Mags Hard Times THe Age of Quarrel
Ignition Sinker Sinker
Blacklisted Houdini's Blues 7
Youth Brigade What Will Revolution Change Sound and Fury
Bad Brains Re-Ignition Live
Sonic Youth Schizophrenia
Bl'Ast Its in my blood
Murphy's Law Quest for Herb
Paint It Black Little Fists
Middle Class Out of Vogue 7
Negazione Noi
THe Trowels Stuck in Traffic
Self Conscious Trains Leaving
Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets
Flipper Life
No Trend Teenage Love
Dead Kennedys Government Flu
Red Rockers Dead Heros

Lame Ass Dudes with a Superiority Complex

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