The Music of Sound on Wed 7/3/13


Artist Title Album New
Cineplexx Tiger Trap Picnic
The New Pornographers Jackie Mass Romantic
Terry Malts What Was It? Killing Time
Hospitality Betty Wang Hospitality
VIOLENS When To Let Go True
Dirty Beaches Lord Knows Best Badlands
The Mills Brothers Sleepy Time Gal Their Famous Hits
Yu(c)k Weakend Weakend
Bass Drum of Death I Wanna Be Forgotten Bass Drum Of Death
The Drums Best Friend The Drums
Surfer Blood Demon Dance Pythons
Built To Spill Reasons There's Nothing Wrong With Love
Guided By Voices Xeno Pariah English Little League
The Lemonheads Confettie
Mean Jeans Case Race Are You Serious
The Men Without A Face New Moon
Naked Raygun Rat Patrol Throb Throb
Pity Sex Wind-Up Feast Of Love
No Joy E Wait To Pleasure
JEFF The Brotherhood Heavy Damage Heavy Days
The Jesus Lizard Sunday You Need Love (Monday Be Alone) Goat
PS I Love Princess Towers Death Dreams
Mikal Cronin Change MCII
Cardboard If It's In Your Blood It's In Your Heart Cardboard
The Scientists Frantic Romantic
The Scorpions Greensleaves
The Yellow Payges The Two Of Us
The Shaggs Philosophy of The World
Superdrag Rocket Regretfully Yours
The Weakerthans Watermark
Modest Mouse Broke Building Nothing Out Of Something
The Bucaneers You're Never Gonna Love Me Anymore
The Babies Run Me Over The Babies
Seapony No One Will Falling
The Cretins Heimkind Samen im darm 7"
The Bananas Radio Action
Swearin' Shrinking Violet Swearin'

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There're jokes, there's music, there's even ticket giveaways. Constant guest co-hosts, bringing with them a broad range of music to challenge your senses. A mix of old and new, happy, blue, southern, northern, eastern, western, oh, and local.
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