Tenseless Sensations on Wed 7/10/13

Mood Rings In-Studio Interview! See them tonight at Kung Fu Necktie.

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Artist Title Album New
The Talbot Brothers Yellow Bird The Talbot Brothers From Bermuda
Karpaty Mihaly and His Orchestra Medley 1 Gipsy Music Frm Hungary
Joy Division Passover Closer
Crystal Stilts The Dazzled Alight of Night
DIIV How Long Have You Known Oshin
Grizzly Bear Shift Vackatimest
Mood Rings Dark Flow VPI Harmony
Mood Rings Pathos y Lagrimas VPI Harmony
Mood Rings Minor Slaloms VPI Harmony
Mood Rings Hollow Dye (Defected Crystal) VPI Harmony
Grandchildren Where's the Knife Golden Age
Deerhunter Dream Captain Monomania
Wampire The Hearse Curiosity
Primal Scream Relativity More Light
Zomby Quickening With Love
Gold Panda Junk City II Half Of Where You Live
No Joy Hare Tarot Lies Wait to Pleasure
Camera Obscura New Years Resolution Desire Lines
The Mahotella Queens Mbube African Playground
Kanda Bongo Man Mosali Zing Zong
Gecko Turner Un Limon en la Cabeza Da-Nang
Ted Nguyent Speculative Biology Self Help Records Philadelphia Comp 2013

Tenseless Sensations

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