Tenseless Sensations on Wed 7/17/13

Artist Title Album New
The Hyltonaires Big Bamboo Big Bamboo
Dur-Dur Band Dooyo (Airbird Remix)
Battles Sundome ft. Yamantaka Eye Gloss Drop
Zammuto Sinker
Tera Melos Snake Lake X'ed Out
Gold Panda We Work Nights Half of Where You Live
Sigur Ros Yfirboro Kveikur
Polica Tiff (Doc McKinney Remix)
Local Natives Black Balloons Hummingbird
Jono McCleery Ballade (Djrum Remix)
The Chairman Dances The Words Came All At Once [ Michael And The Prophetess
Kde Domov Muj Prague In The Night Czech Waltzes and Tangos
Daniel Morillo La Puerta Rompere Amor y Amargue
Pierre Solange Musette Ensemble Commissaire Maigret Theme Musette From Paris
Gogol Bordello Бесконечное Буги (С участием Марианны Эберт)
Dr. Dog The Old Days Fate
Refused Deadly Rhythm The Shape Of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombation in 12 Bursts
Grower Shame
Paint it Black Greetings, Fellow Insomniac Invisible
Mumblr She Hates Me Philadelphia Comp 2013
Owen Bad Blood L'Ami Du Peuple
Lemuria Brilliant Dancer The Distance is So Big
King Tuff Connection Was Dead
Jimmy Roselli Comme Facette Mammeta

Tenseless Sensations

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Wake up Philadelphia! Your city needs you. Every minute spent not listening to Tenseless Sensations every Wednesday at 4 on WKDU is a minute given to the enemy. And remember, freedom is not bought with silence.