The Music of Sound on Wed 7/17/13

it's too hot to live

Artist Title Album New
Harvey Danger Carlotta Valdez Where Have All The Merrymakers Gone?
The Amps I Am Decided Pacer
Eddy Current Suppression Ring I Can Be A Jerk Rush To Relax
The Dead Milkmen I Walk The Thinnest Line Death Rides A Pale Cow
Imperial Teen Water Boy Jawbreaker
Shannon & the Clams Hey Willy Dreams in the Rat House
Bass Drum of Death White Fright Bass Drum of Death
Why? January Twenty Something Eskimo Snow
Islands Don't Call Me Whitney, Bobby
The Radio Dept. Never Follow Suit Clinging To A Scheme
Yeah Yeah Yeahs Miles Away Yeah Yeah Yeahs EP
Surfer Blood Squeezing Blood Pythons
Fucked Up Queen Of Hearts David Comes To Life
Army Navy Last Legs The Last Place
Math And Physics Club La La La Lisa
Reading Rainbow Wasting Time Prism Eyes
The Raveonettes Dead Sound Lust Lust Lust
The Pixies Debaser Doolittle

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There're jokes, there's music, there's even ticket giveaways. Everything from the noodly to the electronic. But if you're especially fond of the glockenspiel then this my friend is the show for you. A mix of old and new, happy, blue, southern, northern, eastern, western, oh, and local.