Lame Ass Dudes on Tue 7/23/13

Artist Title Album Label New
Agent Orange Living in Darkness
The Crowd Modern Machine
Night Birds Less the Merrier
Sub Society A Whole Lot Less
TSOL Abolish Government/Silent Majority
Annihilation Time Imaginary Mirror
Saint Vitus Born to Late
Iggy and the Stooges Unfriendly World
Kid Congo Powers and the Pink Monkey Birds Su Su
Anti Cimex When the Innocent Die
LSD Karen Nash
Merchandise Totale Night
Lemuria Brilliant Dancer
7 Seconds 99 Red Balloons
Hunx and His Punx Its Not Easy
Fear I Don't Care About You
F.U.'s Civil Defense
Sick of it All Injustice System
Murphy's Law Sit at Home and Rot
Pagan Babies Love
McRad Weakness
Husker Du Makes No Sense At All
Rocket from the Crypt French Guy
Turbonegro Get it on

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