Tenseless Sensations on Wed 7/31/13

Special Interview and Album Preview with The Chairman Dances. https://thechairmandances.com/


Artist Title Album New
Chico Mann Vengo A Ti Magical Thinking
galapagoose summersun parquet ep. 3
Aphex Twin Pulsewidth Selected Ambient Works 85-92
Amon Tobin Keep Your Distance Foley Room
The Books An Animated Description of Mr. Maps Lost and Safe
The Chairman Dances The Words Came All At Once [Prologue] Michael And the Prophetess
The Chairman Dances Prophetess [Narration] Michael And the Prophetess
The Chairman Dances Arrow Hits Its Mark [Michael] Michael And the Prophetess
Cecil Taylor Jitney No. 2 Silent Tongues
Ramones Do You Wanna Dance Rocket to Russia
Maps and Atlases Songs for Ghosts to Haunt To Tree, Swallows, Houses
Ghost Light You Already Know Awful Feelings EP
Batty Livin' A Lie DEMO
Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe Aimless I Only Miss You When I Want To
Mumblr Philadelphia Philly Single
Pablo Ziegler Asfalto Tango Romance
Gogol Bordello We Rise Again Pura Vida Conspiracy
Xenia Rubinos Help Magic Trix
Austra Forgive Me Olympia
Camera Obscura Intro Desire Lines

Tenseless Sensations

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