Metronomic Underground Redux on Thu 8/15/13

Artist Title Album Label
Piano Magic Wrong French Seasonally Affective Rocket Girl
State River Widening Unsung Couples RGC Rocket Girl
Pluxus Har, Jaq, and Do RGC Rocket Girl
Lenola/Mazarin The Holiday Makers RGC Rocket Girl
Gnac Tracy Draco RGC Rocket Girl
Her Space Holiday These Days RGC Rocket Girl
The Work House Deacon RGC Rocket Girl
Piano Magic General ELectric with Fairy Lights Seasonally Affective Rocket Girl
Light Heat And the Birds s/t
Dreambook Ghost Only Shadows
Arc In Round II s/t
Thruston Moore Queen Bee... Psychic Hearts
Psychic Teens No Come SRA
Shellac Ghosts 1000 Hurts
Mogwai Xmas Steps Matador
She Keeps Bees Counter Charm s/t 7" SKB
Sigur Ros Isjaki Kveikur XL
Swans No Cruel Angel Various Failures
Ruin China Songs of Reverie & Ruin
Pere Ubu NonAlignment Pact Rough Trade Rock & Roll Rough Trade
Guided By Voices The official ironman rally song Matador
Kurt Vile Hunchback Childish Prodigy Matador
Mary Timony Aging Astronauts II
Tiger Trap Puzzle Pices S'prise Inside K
The Slits Instant Hit Cut
Bardo Pond Long Ride Everything is Nice Matador
The Modern Lovers She's Cracked Rough Trade Rock & Roll Rough Trade
DIIV How long have you known Oshin
Pvement Stereo Brighten the Corners Matador
The Birthday Party Big Jesus Trashcan Junkyard Rough Trade
Cornelius Count 5 or 6 Fantasma Matador
Unwound No Tech! Challenge for a civilized society Matador
Archers of Loaf Web in Front Icky Mettle
Archers of Loaf Redemption Icky Mettle
Esben and the Witch Hexagons I Hexagons EP
Guitar Wolf Summertime Blues Jet Generation
Jesus Lizard Goat
Goat Diarabi
Ride Polar Bear
Melody's Echo Chamber Endless Shore
Helium Cosmic Rays

Metronomic Underground Redux

Mary Beth
This program is not on the schedule.
Thursday 12-3pm
Bleeps, blops, and bloops from the 80s, 90s, and today!