That's Not My Name on Wed 8/21/13

Artist Title Album Label New
Crywank Late Night People Watching James Is Going To Die Soon
Mike Bell Number Pinned Shirt Team
Helmet Hair, Shazam! In Regards To Infatuation: Songs That I Don't Like Anymore
Radiator Hospital Lose Sight Of You Something Wild
Joan of Arc Knife Fights Every Night The Gap
Lemuria Brilliant Dancer The Distance Is So Big
Swearin' Fat Chance Swearin'
The Moldy Peaches Anyone Else But You The Moldy Peaches
Owen Vivid Dreams L'Ami du Peuple
Pirouette 55,555 Friends and Friends and Friends
Woods Brothers Amps for Christ
Sigur Ros VarĂșĂ° Vultari
The Music Tapes The Dark Is Singing Songs (Sleepy Time Down South) Mary's Voice
How To Dress Well Set It Right Total Loss
Birthmark Big Man Antibodies
Rainer Maria Cities Above Catastrophe Keeps Us Together
Cast Spells War Story Hellos Bright Works and Baton
Superchunk Void I Hate Music
Pity Sex Drown Me Out Feast of Love
Stereo Total Ach, ach Liebling REQUEST
Tennis Robin Young and Old
Dirty Projectors Maybe That Was It Swing Lo Magellan
Super Tennis B Rad The Quiet Finale
Make Believe Pat Tillman, Emmitt Till Of Course
Owls Holy Fucking Ghost Owls
LVL UP Elixir Space Brothers
Dinosaur Jr. Kracked You're Living All Over Me
The Jazz June Viva La Speed Metal The Medicine
The Danger O's Doomsday Celebration Nineteen Ninety Four
Algernon Cadwallader If It Kills Me Parrot Flies
Shannon & The Clams Rip Van Winkle Dreams in the Rat House

That's Not My Name

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crank up the heat and turn up the jamz. i'm serving up an frothy mixture of pop-punk, indie rock, and some noodly stuff. cool beans.