Tenseless Sensations on Wed 8/28/13

Next Week Will Be My Last Radio Broadcast for at Least Six Months.

Artist Title Album New
Mumblr Fathers Day White Jesus EP
Gogol Bordello Ultimate Super Taranta
Gypsy Kings Somos Gitanos Somos Gitanos
Cuban Collective Sol Sol (Sunscreen Dub)
Chakra Raag Simhendra Madhyam Bhava
Khachatur Aversiyan with the Armenian State Opera Orchestra Concerto No. 2 for Kanun and Orchestra Classical Music for the Armenian Kanun
Sol Cat Triumphant Return Sol Cat
The Octopus Project Pyramid Kosmos Fever Forms
Surf City I Had the Starring Role We Knew it Was Going to Be Like This
elephant9 woth reine fiske the riddler atlantis
Pond Aloneaflameaflower Hobo Rocket
Tame Impala Lucidity Innerspeaker
Club 8 You Could Be Anybody Above the City
Hermit Thrushes Nails In The Wood Mystery Ocean
Kate Ferencz Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers Dumb Hearts Dumb Flowers
Eskimeaux Your Fire Arms Eskimeaux
Secret Plot to Destroy the Entire Universe Mimosa Lane I anly Miss You When I Want To
Huun Huur Tu Konguroi (Sixty Horses In My Herd) Ancestors

Tenseless Sensations

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