Music by a Band covered by mike on Wed 8/28/13

Interview with Ruin & Pagan Babies

Artist Title Album Label New
Photon Band Thought Crimes (part 1) Pure Photonic Matter Volume 1 Nod and Smile
Photon Band What you See Pure Photonic Matter Volume 1 Nod and Smile
Pissed Jeans You're Different (In Person) Honeys
Die Kreuzen Continous Dogs BASH 13 Compilation
Decontrol Joe Blow Songs From the Gut
Blessed Muthas Ever Since
FOD Abberation 23
Ex & Brass Unbound Bicycle Illusion
Pere Ubu On The Surface
Ruin Lots of /Interview
Pagan Babies
Cosmic Commander/Rancid Vat Body Rules/Hostile City usa

Music by a Band

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Hey boys and girls, time to get excited for another gripping musical experience. A magnificent hodgepodge of cacophonies is to be heard far and wide. So make sure to tune in and listen to you most magnanimous DJ, here at WKDU.