Tenseless Sensations on Wed 9/4/13

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Last Show For Six Months.

Artist Title Album New
Bad Religion Overture The Empire Strikes First
Bad Religion Sinister Rouge The Empire Strikes First
Against Me! Slurring the Rhythms As The Eternal Cowboy
Dead To Me Something New Cuban Ballerina
The Flatliners KHTDR The Great Awake
Streetlight Manifesto Point Counterpoint Everything Goes Numb
Mischief Brew The Reinvention of The Printing Press Smash the Windows
Gogol Bordello Dub the Frequencies of Love Super Taranta
Devotkcha All the Sand in All The Sea Live With the Colorado Symphony
Beirut La Llorona March Of The Zapotec and Realpeople Holland
Man Man Banana Ghost Six Demon Bag
Cheers Elephant Shark Attack Man Is Nature
Dr. Dog Be the Void Be the Void EP
Flying Lotus And The World Laughs With You Cosmogramma
Caribou Odessa Swim
Crystal Castles AFFECTION (hugsnotdrugs edit)
Zomby It's Time With Love
Fuck Buttons Brainfreeze Slow Focus
Battles Ddiamondd Mirrored
Grizzly Bear All We Ask Veckatimest
Local Natives Breakers Hummingbird
Malaysia Ghazal Sri Saujana Theme
Street Music A Wake Dances Of The World

Tenseless Sensations

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Wake up Philadelphia! Your city needs you. Every minute spent not listening to Tenseless Sensations every Wednesday at 4 on WKDU is a minute given to the enemy. And remember, freedom is not bought with silence.