Music that Keeps You Up at Night on Wed 9/11/13

Artist Title Album New
Coliseum Profetas No Salvation
Daughters The Hit Daughters
Howl Attrition Bloodlines
The Hope Conspiracy Suicide Design Death Knows Your Name
Torche In Pieces Harmonicraft
Conan Battle in the Swamp Monnos
Lord Dying Descend into External Summon the Faithless
Kylesa Unspoken Ultraviolet
Kowloon Walled City Paper Houses Gambling on the Richter Scale
Rwake Leviticus Voices of Omens
Swallow the Ocean Archive Swallow the Ocean
Impure Wilhelmina Poisons and Blades Poisons and Blades
Will Haven Carpe Diem Carpe Diem
Kongh Sole Creation Sole Creation
Ashencult My Tenth Death Anthrosphere IV
Hivelords The Auraglyph Cavern Apothecary
Planks The Darkest of Grays The Darkest of Grays
Boris Blackout Pink
Jucifer Deficit L'autrichienne
Bloody Panda Fever Pheromone
Cult of Luna The Flow Reversed Vertikal
Giant Squid Panthalassa The Ichthyologist

Music that Keeps You Up at Night

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Tune in for post-rock, metal, post-metal, and a mix of other genres. Whether it's loud or quiet, this music will keep you up at night...